About us

Organisation’s “Rīgas jaunā skola (Riga’s new school)” central goal is to promote active participation in the process of education in such way expanding each individual’s growth and promoting positive changes in society.

Our organisation, founded by several enthusiastic parents, has established a school “Pamatskola “BŪSIM” in 2014. Currently the school is state-accredited educational institution providing certified learning program. The school provides preschool and elementary education for grades 1 to 9. The main idea is to ensure 360 degree approach which means to promote intellectual, social, emotional and physical development and mental well-being. Main focus is on learning rather than on evaluating, encouraging child’s interest to explore and to learn by promoting the joy of learning process. Various methods are used during the learning process which help to create an independent personality and to demonstrate the use of knowledge and different skills in practice. The methods are applied in respect of the child’s individual needs and taking into account that there are kids with behaviour issues or learning disabilities in each class. The school promotes tolerance and respect to people of different abilities, nationalities and cultural backgrounds thus strengthening intelligence and contributing to the competences necessary in today’s globalised world. 

Small-sized classes – maximum 12 children per class – give a possibility to diversify the learning process by encouraging each child’s active participation, taking into account the special interests, abilities and needs. The school is located in a nice green area in Riga – the capital city of Latvia – but it is outside the city centre. It is one of the few schools in Riga with an alternative learning approach. 

One of the school’s core values is communication based on mutual respect independent of age, gender, nationality and physical or mental ability. To promote the tolerance and respect as well as equal treatment the school is also open to children with behavioural disorders or learning disabilities, there is at least one such child in each class. It improves the competence to deal with different people and creates social emotional skills that can be used in everyday situations while being in contact with others. This applies to children, parents and teachers.